About New Order Firearms

About | New Order Firearms

New Order Firearms is offering a line of precision made firearms in the polymer style, striker fired semi-automatic pistol. The pistols are designed, engineered and manufactured by Evans Machining Service Inc. in the United States Of America using American Made Steel. Nite Owl Firearms was the former name until it’s recent name change in April 2015.

Evans Machining Service Inc., is located in Clairton, Pennsylvania and has over 35 years in the military manufacturing sector and has a long term history of manufacturing key components and assemblies for all types of small weapon systems for the United States Department Of Defense.

Dedicated to the manufacturing industry

Evans Machining Service Inc., has designed, tested and built a reliable 9mm semi-automatic pistol using the same principles that are implemented in today’s military and their requirements. The principles of quality, reliability and knowledge of the small arms weapon industry has given Evans the direction to produce their very first semiautomatic pistol to all levels of shooters including: consumer, law enforcement and government entities.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the most modern, reliable and customer friendly manufacturing company in personal defense, shooting, shooting competition sports, military and government while delivering the best accuracy and quality to you, our customer. Our goal is to provide you with a worry-free product that assures worry-free reliability.

Our Mission

To have the most accurate and reliable product that you can trust for the long-term. We have a lifetime warranty that’s placed into every product that we manufacture. Our customers will see the quality, accuracy and the reliability of our product in this industry.

The Value Of Our Product Is What You’ve Been Seeking In The Handgun Industry

Our commitment to using all billet machined products is the direct result as the choice we made to give our customers the best value for their money while giving you the best quality in today’s market. We have eliminated the needs of the ambidextrous pistol by creating both left and right handed models true to the shooter’s preference of hand.

Our company utilizes the full potential that every employee places into our products. Our employees are dedicated and care about the products they manufacture. The dedication to quality is seen by our customers who dedicated their time, money and life to rely on our products on a daily basis. We hope that you’ll be part of our fellowship and look forward to serving your shooting needs.