Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions will answer most of your needs. If you don’t find what your looking for and need help? continue to the Contact New Order Firearms page or contact us right here.

About FAQ (4)

Where is the New Order Firearms pistol from and who makes it?

Originally dubbed Nite Owl , the pistol came from a design and is manufactured by Evans Machining Service Inc. Since then a legal issue forced our company into renaming to New Order Firearms.

Where is the manufacturer located?

Clairton, Pennsylvania which is located in the Southwestern portion of Pennsylvania.

How long has the company been manufacturing small arms assemblies and parts?

35 years and counting. The military has relied on our quality and we have manufactured components and assemblies for all type of small arms.

Pistol FAQ (6)

What calibers will the New Order Firearms pistol be produced?

The 9mm Luger, 40 S&W and 45 ACP will be in a full size frame in both Left & Right Hand models.

Our product line will eventually have a total of 12 models. Both calibers will be available in: Full Size – Left & Right Hand, Compact Size – Left & Right Hand and Sub Compact – Left & Right Hand. Availability of the models and handedness will be announced as they are produced. The compact and sub-compact versions are planned for release for year 2016.

How many magazines will come with the NO9, 9mm pistol and what is the shot capacity?

The pistol will come with 2 magazines, (2) 17+1.  You can always log onto our website and purchase additional magazines with capacities ranges of: 10+1, 15+1, 17+1, 18+1 and 20+1.

How many magazines will come with the NO45, 45ACP pistol and what is the shot capacity?

The pistol will come with 2 magazines. The shot capacity for the 45ACP will be 14+1. You can always log onto our website and purchase additional magazines.

What kind or brand name sights will come with the pistol(s)?

Brand name? How about the pistol comes with fully machined front and rear sights from us. All of our models  will come with a standard 3 dot sight system made exclusively by us, the manufacturer.

Does the pistol come in an all left-handed model?

Yes it will. We thought about the left-handed shooters and have left out the universal word ‘ambidextrous’ out of the equation during the development of our products. Both right and left hand models will be available in 9mm, 40 S&W and 45ACP. This is a true left-handed model that extracts to the left side of the shooter allowing the shooter to stay focused on the target. The casings that you would normally experience while shooting a right hand model is no longer a distraction.

What kind of magazines does this pistol use and where can I buy them?

Any M9/92 Beretta style magazine will fit the 9mm, any 96 Style Magazine with fit the 40 S&W and any Para P14 style will fit the 45ACP.

Additional pistol magazines can be purchased at our online store or a dealer near you.


Purchase FAQ (4)

Where can I buy the pistol?

Give us the name and contact information to your preferred dealer and we will gladly call them and place the order for you. Many dealers are yet to hear about our products therefore by us calling them and making the arrangements for your order makes it simple for everyone. Please keep in mind that we do not charge the dealers for shipping costs. You DO NOT have to prepay to order this pistol. Once you receive the product, you pay the dealer and the dealer pays us.

When will the New Order Firearms pistol be available for purchase?

The New Order Firearms NO9 9mm will be available in the third quarter of 2015.
The New Order Firearms NO40 40S&W will be available in the end of 2015.
The New Order Firearms NO45 45ACP will be available in the first quarter of 2016.

(Note: Due to the legal issues presented to us from another manufacturer, production was delayed)

Is there any kind of warranty for the gun after purchase?

There is a limited lifetime warranty on the pistol. If anything breaks or wears out, we’ll replace it for free. Warranty does not cover modified, misused or intentional abuse. Buyer pays the shipping cost to and from the manufacturer or dealer if it’s found that the pistol did not have a manufacturing flaw.

Does the pistol come with a plastic carrying case and what’s included?

No. The pistol(s) come in a logo embroidered soft carrying case with 2 magazines, cable lock, safety manual. The soft carrying case features two medium size pouches on the back while the front features enough pockets to carry a total of seven pistol magazines. There will be additional accessories available on our web store once we gain stock on those items.